Koprivshtitsa is located 1060 meters above sea level, on both sides of the Topolka river. The two highest peaks of the Sredna gora mountain soar not far from the town: Bogdan /1604 m/ and Bunaya /1594 m/. Koprivshtitsa is most conveniently accessed by car: if you travel from Sofia, it is 110 km along the scenic road, passing under the Balkan mountains; if you’re coming from Bourgas, the distance is 300 km; if your journey starts somewhere in the South of Bulgaria, via Plovdiv or Pazardzhik, the best route is through Panagyurishte and Strelcha. It is a longer journey if you’re coming from somewhere in the North of Bulgaria – in this case you’ll have to go through one of the Balkan mountains passes, or to go to Koprivshtitsa via Sofia.